I see in my TapIntoCoralSprings.net feed that Representative Ted Deutch and sixty of his colleagues are making headlines for signing a letter to President Biden demanding a ban on the import of assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Excluding the letterhead, address, date and signatures this important letter is a paltry half page. If this is the collective effort of sixty people I would be embarrassed to put my name to it. But this is Ted Deutch.  A representative in a solid blue district that can hold his incumbency as long as his heart desires.  Whose constituents allow him to sleep walk through incumbency and produce nothing but sound bites. Well done sir. 

Here’s my advice. If you want to ban assault style weapons you need to first legally define them. If you want to ban high capacity magazines you need to first legally define them.  I have been listening to these meaningless buzz words for decades.  Some in Congress would define an assault weapon as anything black with a trigger.

Ah, but this is actual work. Much easier to send a scant, half-page letter requiring zero effort and grabbling some ambulance chasing headlines than actually doing something.     

 And regarding to the ban… Does this ban now include assault weapons being carried across our southern border emanating from the “Border Crisis” (not my words, Madam Press Secretary’s words) now running full steam ahead thanks to President Biden?