CORAL SPRINGS, FL – So you’ve had headaches for most of your life and have learned to live with them.

You probably take a regular daily dose of over-the-counter medication that you hope will knock out the pain.

And you may have a collection of special medications that you take when you feel the really bad headaches coming on.

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Sound familiar?

I know the routine. As a board certified chiropractor in Coral Springs, I have seen headache patients for more than 30 years.

The causes of headaches are vast, but we all can agree that the reason for your headache is not your body’s deficiency in medication.

Managing headaches starts with ruling out the causes.

Your vision is normal. Your hormone levels are normal. Your sugar stays level throughout the day. You are fully hydrating with water. Your blood chemistry is perfect. You don’t eat or drink artificial sweeteners. You don’t eat anything with Glutamates or other similar chemicals disguised as natural flavoring that can cause headaches. And your brain scans are normal.

So if all is fine, then what the heck is causing your headaches?

Here’s what I’ve learned from my training and expertise. It may be that the joints in your neck are not moving properly. It could be that your posture is so bad that your head is so far forward on your neck that it is causing restricted nerve and blood flow.

It also could be that the joints and muscles are so out of balance in the neck and upper back that the nerves from the neck that go up to the head are being irritated and causing pain.

Or it could be from myofascial trigger points in muscles of the neck and shoulders causing referral of pain into the head.

My suggestion is to try chiropractic adjustments, manual and laser therapy, which can all be effective in treating tension headaches and migraines.

A four-week course of spinal adjustments performed by an experienced chiropractic physician can relieve a lot of the pain.

For those living with chronic headaches, it’s worth trying a different approach to end the pain than covering it up with magical chemicals.

Michael W. Mathesie, DC, DACRB, is board certified in physical rehabilitation and a board certified forensic professional. Learn more about his Coral Springs practice here:

(Mathesie Chiropractic Life Center is an advertiser of TAPinto Coral Springs.)


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