CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Twenty-seven states have had rising numbers of Covid cases and hospitalizations. Most of them are nowhere near here. However, we in this area have a particular problem. It’s called Spring Break.

I would venture to say that most everyone reading this knows someone who was a Spring Breaker or who was with someone who was a Spring Breaker. By next week, we should suspect that our own numbers of cases will begin to rise as will hospitalizations.

If you have had two vaccinations over two weeks ago, you should be proud of yourself and are probably feeling safer than you should. The shot you got has a high percentage of keeping you alive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get sick. If you’ve read about people who have had Covid or even had a bad case of the flu, you don’t even want to open yourself up to that possibility.

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The vaccine will not prevent you from feeling about as miserable as you can stand and, will it will keep you alive, it is not foolproof of even keeping you out of the hospital.

There is something else. If you have been exposed by a Spring Breaker, or anyone who is incubating the virus, you can be symptom-free but be a carrier who gives it to someone who has not been vaccinated. You become a modern version of Typhoid Mary.

And then there are those of you who for a variety of reasons, all bad, are not getting vaccinated. When someone cuts me off on the highway, I often mutter, “I don’t care if you kill yourself—just keep me out of it!”

Probably the stupidest reason for not being vaccinated is politics. If you’re doing it to make a point for the Republican Party, you are basically putting your life in the hands of a bunch of politicians. Makes no sense to me. You may have religious reasons. You may have a fear of vaccinations. Stack those reasons up against never seeing your spouse, children, or grandchildren again. That should open up your mind.

The thing I wish you would think of long and hard, is your responsibility to your fellow man, woman, and child. Were you to skip the vaccine and move to a deserted island, fine. However, to skip the vaccine and intermingle with the population, that just not nice, fair, kind. Pick a word. Even with no malice in your heart, you could become a killer.

Now there’s a closing thought for you.


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