CORAL SPRINGS, FL - What does it mean when a Black person says they are tired?

It doesn't mean that they are ready to go to sleep. It doesn't mean that they want to sit down. It means that they are tired of being treated like a second class citizen. They are tired of being taught about Constitutional rights but never get to see those rights afforded to them. What's happening in our country right now is a failure to listen, understand, and take action. Black Americans have been asking for justice and equality for their entire existence and at some point enough has to be enough. However, Black Americans cannot get this justice alone, it just can't happen. We need everyone, of all races to say enough is enough. 

It is unfortunate that there are some people, who have used the protests in honor of Black Americans killed in tragic and unnecessary means, to promote chaos; however, we also need to reckon with how we got here. We also have to be vigilant and make sure that we don't lose sight of the true issues. We cannot lose focus of the conditions that created this storm. That would be another failure on our part and no real change will take place.

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It hurts to see a Black man like George Floyd begging for his life, calling out for his mother. It was horrifying to see Ahmaud Arbery hunted down like a scene out of a movie. What's even more terrifying is the killing of Breonna Taylor, an EMT, in her home, while sleeping, during a botched no-knock raid. The list goes on and on.

This is why Black Americans are tired. We just want it to end. We want it to stop. This is our home, for once, we want to feel comfortable in our own home, like most of you get to enjoy every day, without any fear.

Joshua A. Simmons is a Coral Springs City Commissioner.