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Coral Springs Man Allegedly Pulled Out Gun During Fight With His Wife

March 30, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – The alleged fight between the married couple started over money, and escalated into talk of a divorce.

And then, according to a Coral Springs police report, the husband, Jordan Deese, grabbed his wife and pulled out a gun, telling her: “If you want this to be over, I’ll end it right now.”

Police arrested Deese, a 36-year-old technician, for ...

Coral Springs Police Arrested Landscaper Who Allegedly Choked His Pregnant Wife

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Police have arrested a 26-year-old landscaper for allegedly choking his pregnant wife during a fight in their Coral Springs apartment, a police report said.

Santos Blanco Melendez was charged with aggravated battery for the attack on March 17.

His wife told police that he grabbed her by the throat with both hands and began to squeeze her neck. He eventually freed ...

Coral Springs Police Chief: No Need for Curfew in the City

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – At the moment, Coral Springs doesn’t need a nightly curfew in large part because there’s been no uptick in overall crime in the city during the coronavirus crisis, Coral Spring Police Chief Clyde Parry said this week.

In fact, crime, for the most part, is down, and so are police calls for service, he told the Coral Springs City Commission on ...

Coral Springs Police Investigated Price Gouging At Start of Coronavirus Crisis

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – A few weeks ago, at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the city’s police department got a complaint of a supply warehouse was selling toilet paper and laundry detergent at inflated prices.

Officers spoke with the company and told them price gouging was not permitted, said Deputy Police Chief Brad McKeone.

The company, whose name was not disclosed, ...

Pastor Arrested For Attacking His Wife in Coral Springs

CORAL SPRINGS, FL –  Police have arrested a pastor for pushing his wife and making her fall because she said she didn’t want to go to church with him, according to a police report.

Samson Numa, 46, was taken into custody during the March 15 incident at his apartment in Coral Springs, the report said. His wife had called police for help while hiding from Numa in the ...

The Broward Sheriff's Office - COVID-19 Informational Update

PARKLAND, FL- The Broward Sheriff’s Office has important updates regarding their operations and coronavirus. 

First responders play a vital role in responding to public health concerns such as COVID-19. Based upon CDC guidance, BSO employees are:

Practicing enhanced hygiene practices
Limiting face to face interaction to only when operationally ...

Broward Sheriff's Office Warns Against COVID-19 Scams

PARKLAND, FL- It has come to our attention that a social media post is circulating with a claim that representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are going to residences dressed in protective gear and conducting COVID-19 testing. This is untrue. The CDC is not visiting residents' homes. 

During these times, scammers are seeking opportunities to take ...

A 25-Year-Old Man Killed in Car Crash in Coral Springs

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – A 25-year-old man died Monday when his car crashed in the 4600 block of Coral Ridge Drive in Coral Springs, police said Wednesday.

Police identified the man as Miguel Hernandez of Tamarac. Police said the crash around 9 p.m. only involved Hernandez’s car.

When police arrived, they found the car in the northbound lanes of Coral Ridge Drive and Hernandez was ...

Man Arrested For Hitting Car and Driving Intoxicated and More From Coral Springs Police

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – The 31-year-old man had just hit a car, and he was slurring his words as well as pacing and swaying back and forth, police said.

Moments later, police arrested Jaime David Murcia Gomez for drinking and driving and causing the collision on March 1 at West Atlantic Avenue and Coral Ridge Drive, police said. He told police that he thought he was in Plantation when he hit ...

Coral Springs Reopens Park Following Coyote Sighting

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – The city has reopened one of its parks after officials determined there no threat from coyotes.

Ralph Diaz Memorial Park at 9701 NW 19th Street opened up to the public on Thursday, three days after it was closed following a coyote sighting.

The city’s Three Mountains Park, though, remains closed after a coyote chased two joggers on Feb. 25, leaving a ...


TAP Into Another Town's News:

TAP Into Another Town's News:

Coral Springs Influencer: Alexander Falcone, Leading Emergency Response to Coronavirus

March 19, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Right now, there are a lot of city directors making big decisions on managing the coronavirus in Coral Springs.

One of them is Alexander Falcone, the city's new director of emergency management.

Officially, he’s in charge of emergency management, special events, and city security. Unofficially, he’s also part of the city’s public face through ...

Meet Your Neighbor: Pastor Vidalis Lopez of First Church Coral Springs

March 4, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Growing up as a daughter of a minister, Senior Pastor Vidalis Lopez of First Church Coral Springs has always been involved in ministry in some capacity. Even as a young girl living in the Republic of Panama, she enjoyed helping her father prepare for sermons as he worked to start churches in the developing country.

“I do remember as an 8- or 9-year-old telling my dad, ...

Coral Springs Business Owner Aims To Join Fight Against Coronavirus

March 10, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Spiro Edgos pulls two trash cans up to his truck, sprays them with hot water, and washes off the grime.

Minutes later, he hops into his truck and heads to another cleaning job.

It’s all so routine to him -- except there’s nothing routine about a guy scrubbing trash cans who has a dual master’s degrees in business and decades of corporate ...

Communicating with Our Audience

March 26, 2020

TAPinto is committed to helping the communities we cover during this time of crisis.  We've pulled together a few tips for communicating during times of crisis and are offering special advertising options.  

As a business or organization, you've worked hard to build relationships with your clients and customers. In a time of crisis, it is more important than ever to keep ...