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TAP Into Another Town's News:


COVID Liability Protections Legislation Signed into Law

April 9, 2021

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - For over a year now, our Chamber along with many others throughout the state have been advocating for commonsense COVID liability protections to protect the business community.

Last week, the Chamber-backed COVID liability protections legislation became the very first bill of the 2021 legislative session passed by both bodies of the Legislature and sent to the ...

Summer Camp At The Coder School In Coral Springs: A Taste of Everything

CORAL SPRINGS, FL- As the school year turns the corner towards summer, many parents are making plans for activities that will be available to their children as the world slowly opens from the pandemic.

The Coder School in Coral Springs has prepared a summer schedule that is geared directly towards children that want to engage with coding, but also have a lot of fun along the way. Their summer ...

Coral Springs To Celebrate 33rd Annual National Day of Prayer

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – On Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 7 p.m., the Clergy Coalition of Coral Springs and Parkland, in partnership with the Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee, will honor and celebrate the 33rd Annual National Day of Prayer on Zoom.
Bound to social distancing orders, the city invites the public to join in the ceremony of ...

Brodzki Jacobs in Coral Springs: When Is The Right Time To File For Divorce?

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Many clients ask us at their initial consultation: “When is the right time for me to file for a divorce?”

Like many legal and strategic questions, the answer is: “It depends”.

From a legal perspective, there are some bad times to file for divorce.

If you are the spouse who is in need of continuing financial support (alimony) from your spouse ...

Neuro Wellness TMS Centers of America in Coral Springs: Many Depression Sufferers Have Tried Everything. It’s Time To Try Nexstim TMS Therapy.

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Many depression sufferers have tried everything. 

They've tried anti-depressants...sometimes three or four different kinds.

They've tried traditional "talk" counseling.

They've tried following mental health advice.

They’ve listened to their friends and family tell them to “just choose to be happy.”

But for many people ...

Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital To Host Outdoor Orchid And Plant Festival On April 10 And 11

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – The delicate and graceful orchid has been coveted by mankind as a symbol of love for many centuries.  Lovers of this ornamental plant and other tropical delights will enjoy a chance to marvel at their beauty during the Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital Fifth Annual Orchid & Plant Festival on April 10 – 11 from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm. Admission ...

Vehicle Fire, Sexual Batteries, Animal Bites, And More: Coral Springs Police Bulletin, March 24-30

April 4, 2021

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Here is the Coral Springs Police Department crime and incident report for the week of March 24-30.


Identity theft

- March 24, NW 33 Street

- March 26, NW 75 Way


Theft from car

- March 24, West Sample Road, Victim: man, 36, Estimated loss: $511

- March 25, Wiles Road, Victim: man, 42, Estimated loss: $1,500



- ...

Voyeurism, Prescription Fraud, Animal Bites, And More: Coral Springs Police Bulletin, March 17-23

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Here is the Coral Springs Police Department crime and incident report for the week of March 17-23.

Identity theft

- March 17, W. Sample Road, Victim: man, 30, Estimated loss: $1,023

- March 17, Terrapin Lane, Victim: woman, 34

- March 18, Turtle Run Boulevard

- March 19, NW 10 Place

- March 20, Highland Place

- March 22, West Atlantic Boulevard, ...

Howard Melamed: Coral Springs Resident, Business Owner, and Internet Provocateur

April 2, 2021

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Most people wouldn’t want to be called a gadfly. Howard Melamed doesn’t mind it at all.

The longtime Coral Springs resident, business owner, one-time political candidate, and lately an internet provocateur delights in telling city leaders his views on how to run the city of more than 130,000 people.

Everything from traffic (“there’s too much ...

Don’t Become A Killer In Coral Springs. Get Vaccinated.

April 3, 2021

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Twenty-seven states have had rising numbers of Covid cases and hospitalizations. Most of them are nowhere near here. However, we in this area have a particular problem. It’s called Spring Break.

I would venture to say that most everyone reading this knows someone who was a Spring Breaker or who was with someone who was a Spring Breaker. By next week, we should suspect ...

The Coyote And The Wolf: What They Can Teach Us About Fighting Crime In Coral Springs

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – The coyote and the wolf. Sounds familiar?  Hopefully, it does.

The last time Coral Springs’ hair stood on end at the sighting of a coyote, I wrote at some length about them. The city has put out some tips now that there has been another sighting, not surprising near a dog park. To a hungry coyote anything under 10 pounds looks like a quick meal and a ...

U.S. Representative Ted Deutch - Empty Suit

March 27, 2021

I see in my feed that Representative Ted Deutch and sixty of his colleagues are making headlines for signing a letter to President Biden demanding a ban on the import of assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Excluding the letterhead, address, date and signatures this important letter is a paltry half page. If this is the collective effort of sixty people I would be ...

The More Things Change, The More They Remain the Same

March 30, 2021

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Over the past two months, to our collective dismay and disappointment, there has been a revisiting of the topic of mass shootings. In dissimilar, highly unrelated circumstances, several mass shootings have been circulating through the news feed as of late.

Has anyone else begun to question “why?”

I know that my own reflection and understanding stems from ...