CRANFORD - Fall is fully upon us which means it's time to rake the leaves. Here are some guidelines from the Cranford Newsletter for residents.

2020 Leaf Collection Program:

  1. Rake leaves to the gutter line on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before your scheduled pickup. Once your street is picked up, do not rake anymore leaves into the street.
  2. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have their landscaper comply with the schedule and guidelines to avoid getting a warning or a fine.
  3. All sections of town will have at least three leaf pickups. A final pickup of all sections will begin on approximately December 14 and continue until December 31, weather permitting.
  4. No leaves are to placed out after December 13.
  5. If you live on a County road; Leaf pickup schedules can be found at: or by calling: 908-789-3660. The following are Union County roads: Springfield Avenue; Centennial Avenue; Walnut Avenue; Raritan Road; Kenilworth Blvd; South Avenue East & West. The township does not pick up leaves on county roads. 

If Your Choose to Bag Your Leaves:

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  • Use only biodegradable bags only (available at most Home Centers).
  • Bagged leaves should be kept on your property until your next scheduled pickup or taken to the Conservation Center during scheduled hours.


  • Zone 1: Northwest section including all streets west of the river and Springfield Ave. toward Kenilworth Blvd. and North Ave. West up to the Garwood/Westfield line.
  • Zone 2: Northeast section including all of Riverside Drive and all streets to the east of Springfield Ave. linking North Ave. East to the Roselle Park and Kenilworth line.
  • Zone 3: Southwest section and all streets west of Walnut Ave. to South Ave. West to the Clark/Garwood line.
  • Zone 4: Southeast section and all streets east of Walnut Avenue from South Avenue East to Roselle line and all streets north of Raritan Road to Roselle line.

Leaf Pickup Schedule:

(DPW makes every effort to adhere to this schedule, however weather conditions may affect pickup dates. Check online for updates:

First Pickup Zone 2 and Zone 3: 

  • Rake to curb – Friday, Oct. 23 - Sunday, Oct. 25
  • Pickup – Monday, Oct. 26 - Friday, Oct. 30

First Pickup Zone 1 and Zone 4:

  • Rake out to curb – Friday, Oct. 30 - Sunday, Nov. 1
  • Pickup – Monday, Nov. 2 - Friday, Nov. 6

Second Pickup Zone 2 and Zone 3:

  • Rake to curb – Friday, Nov. 6 - Sunday, Nov. 8
  • Pickup – Monday, Nov. 9 - Friday, Nov. 13

Second Pickup Zone 1 and Zone 4:

Rake out to curb – Friday, Nov. 13 thru Sunday, Nov. 15

Pickup – Monday, Nov. 16 - Friday, Nov. 20 and Monday, Nov. 23 - Wednesday Nov. 25

Third Pickup Zone 2 and Zone 3:

Rake to curb – Friday, Nov. 27 - Sunday, Nov. 29

Pickup – Monday, Nov. 30 - Friday Dec. 4

Third Pickup Zone 1 and Zone 4:

Rake to curb – Friday, Dec. 4 - Sunday, Dec. 6

Pickup – Monday, Dec. 7 - Friday, Dec. 11

*Do Not Rake Leaves to Curb after Sunday Dec. 13

**Final Pickup in all Zones will start Monday, Dec. 14 and continue through Thursday, Dec. 31.

If You Miss a Pickup:

  1. You can bring your leaves to the Conservation Center
  2. You can wait for your next scheduled pickup

Other Notes:

  • Follow pickup schedule.
  • DPW cannot pick up leaves with twigs, branches, grass or debris in leaf piles. These materials pose hazards to employees and can cause damage to leaf collection equipment. 
  • If possible, do not park in the street when collection crews are in your zone.
  • Never park a car on a pile of leaves, even if the pile is wet.
  • It is recommend residents bag leaves (biodegradable bags only) whenever possible. This helps keep streets cleaner and prevents leaves from blocking storm drains.
  • The placement of leaves within 10 feet of any catch basin is prohibited.
  • Leaves cannot be at the curb line for more than 10 days.

Cranford Conservation Center:

Address: 210 Birchwood Avenue

Year-Round Hours of Opperation: Wednesdays 9:30 a.m. to 3:20 p.m., Saturdays & Sundays 9:30 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.

*Permits are not required to drop leaves at the Conservation Center. You must show proof of residency.

Christmas Tree Pickup Begins January 4:

  • Trees must be curbside by January 4.
  • Trees cannot be picked up with bags, lights or decorations.
  • Christmas trees only – No wreaths.
  • Christmas trees can also be dropped at the Conservation Center during operating hours. (No Permit Required)