Whether it’s parked in the garage undergoing a delicate restoration or being showcased on a summer’s day, your customer’s classic car is more than just a vehicle, it’s a treasure.

Your customer might think that “classic” means old. Well, think again! You can get all of the benefits of classic car insurance on some cars that were produced between 1980s – 2010s. Help your customer understand the difference between regular coverage and classic car coverage.

1. Lower premiums

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A good insurance carrier will offer you a lower average premium than daily driver insurance. It’s likely that your customer only drives their classic car on nice days, which is less often than a daily use vehicle. Help them save some money so they don’t pay full price for a special car that they only drive half the time.

2. Guaranteed value coverage

Classic car insurance allows the customer to dictate the value of their classic car, and the insurance carrier will affirm that it is a fair, accurate number. Look for a carrier that will guarantee that the value will be paid to your customer in the event of a covered total loss. This is different from regular car insurance which may depreciate the value of the vehicle in the event of a claim, meaning your customer gets a smaller payout.

3. No fixed mileage

Look for a classic car policy that allows your customer flexible usage with no fixed mileage limits. Some carriers will try to restrict mileage and usage to control how a classic car is driven. Help your customers avoid this by writing a policy through our partners with the MetLife GA Property & CasualtySM.


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