Well, friends, the dragon at Cranford's gates known as 750 Walnut Avenue has awoken from its nine-month faux slumber, and we need all hands on deck to fight this massive apartment complex slated to overwhelm our community. 

Hartz is currently focusing on changing the zoning at the site to residential to allow for its construction.  

We are calling all concerned Cranford-area citizens to join us on Wednesday June 6 at Cranford Town Hall at 7:30pm to fight this. On that date, Hartz's witnesses will continue their testimony before the Planning Board.  

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Over 350 students (!!!) are now expected to join our school district, according to a May 2018 study by the Cranford Public School District available on the Westfield Leader's homepage.  

Even the low-end projection by Hartz's experts (136 students) would require both the construction of a new school and a "major shift in the current attendance zones." 

Cranford Residents Against Overdevelopment works to maintain the relaxed suburban character of the Cranford area against efforts by for-profit developers to add density.  

Those who wish to get more involved, please email us at craocranford@gmail.com. We are eagerly seeking those who have a background in traffic study, suburban planning, land use, and zoning.  



Cranford Residents Against Overdevelopment