Dear Ronald Marotta and Cranford Zoning Board: 

I have had the opportunity to observe for many years the neighborhood around the Calvary Lutheran Church. The school there has many children entering and exiting the school; parking is now constrained; public safety needs to be taken seriously. 

A proposal before the Cranford Zoning Board requests five or more variances to squeeze and overdevelop a property adjacent to the church and school and should be rejected based on the negative effects of the proposal and impact on the zoning ordinance. 

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From building the proposed building too close to the church to adding more use than the existing zone can handle, the permits should not be approved. Again, public safety should be paramount to any decision here. Zoning for residential zones next to commercial is challenging. But in this case public safety should be more heavily weighted given the potential of 10 cars turning left on the street or causing on-street parking issues affecting school safety. 

Thank you for reading. I am sure this view is shared and will be represented at hearing. 

Dan Aschenbach
116 Cranford Avenue
Cranford, NJ