CRANFORD - On January 1, 2020, Linda Karlovitch will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of her Cranford business - The Porch Salon. Now, January 1 could also be her first day as the Mayor of Kenilworth. 

Karlovitch (D) is currently in her second year serving on the Borough Council, and with current Mayor Anthony DeLuca electing to not pursue a second term, Karlovitch feels she can help take Kenilworth to the next level. 

"I feel that I bring a different perspective as a business owner, a mom, and a nearly lifelong resident of Kenilworth," said Karlovitch. "I see a lot of things that can improve, specificially we're starting the street scape for the Boulevard. My goal is to make the Boulevard beautiful, but you know funds are limited, so we'll start one block at a time. Maybe each year we'll do a block and in five years we'll have this fabulous uptown."

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Though Kenilworth's boulevard is full of restaurants, nail salons, retail stores, and more, there remains storefronts that have been empty for years. Karlovitch believes enhancing the look of the boulevard will entice new business to move in.

A Cranford business owner and former director on the Chamber of Commerce, Karlovitch looks at some of the ideas Cranford has instituted as examples of what Kenilworth can do in its own way. While serving on the Borough Council, she launched Kenilworth's first annual Restaurant Week and has restarted the Beautification Committee, which resulted in more flowers planted along the Boulevard. 

"Based on my experience, my business experience, my drive, I'm a very driven person, I love people, I love talking to people, and I'm a community person," said Karlovitch on why she'll make a good mayor. "I think all of those things will contribute to a positive outcome. I'd love to see people enjoy the town while at the same time we're being fiscally responsible. We do boast some of the lowest taxes in Union County and I'd like to keep it that way. We all know how expensive New Jersey is getting."

A big problem towns around Union County have faced is the affordable housing mandate. Kenilworth has yet to be hit with large-scale developments, but Karlovitch knows the issue is potentially down the road. 

"We've learned from what's happening around us and we're trying to put things in place so we get more of what we want," said Karlovitch. "I think it's ok to develop, but it has to be beautiful and it has to fit into the landscape of the town. I want it to be controlled by us."

Election day will be on Tuesday, November 5. Karlovitch will be joined on the Democrat Ticket by Kay Ceceri and Mark David who are seeking re-election to the Borough Council. The Republican Ticket features Sal Candarella for Mayor and Scott Pentz and Sean Pentz for Borough Council. Walter Sosnosky is also running for Kenilworth Mayor as an "Abraham Lincoln Republican" candidate.

EDITOR'S NOTE: TAPinto Cranford does not endorse any candidates in any election locally or nationally.