CRANFORD, NJ – Charles Dickens’ Christmas classic, “A Christmas Carol,” will be presented at the Cranford Dramatic Club as an exciting musical

“A Christmas Carol” tells the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, a wealthy curmudgeon who is forced to recognize his selfish ways when he is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. The CDC’s musical presentation of the show is a new and exciting way to tell the traditional tale, according to Director Matty Price.

“I love this show and feel this particular version presents an exciting directorial challenge,” Price said. “This is a show that many people would shy away from due to its difficulty and expansive technical elements. I felt scaling the show down to fit the CDC space was a challenge worth taking and I’m grateful the CDC felt the same and gave me the opportunity.”

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More than 30 local performers will participate in the December show.

“This production at CDC is uniquely special because we have a cast with a wide variety of ages and backgrounds,” Price said. “We have actors who travel from both far and near to help us tell this story and bring some Christmas cheer to our audiences. To take something as huge as this show is and bring to Cranford is just that, truly special.”

Price also thanked the cast for their work to make the production special.

“The ensemble of this show has worked particularly hard and dedicated hours of their time to create the story we tell,” Price said. “They play multiple roles, transition us from past to present to future with ease and perform many styles of dance. They are the backbone of this story. I’m am so proud of our ensemble and the work they have done.”

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