CRANFORD, NJ – The Cranford First Aid Squad was recognized at the most recent Cranford Township Committee meeting for their service to the town.

Luis Lopez of the First Aid Squad was honored in particular for his dedication and hard work. Lopez is a surgeon who volunteers as an EMT and is the 2nd Lieutenant Building.

“He’s a really good guy, a selfless man,” First Aid Squad paramedic and trustee Kent Lucas said. “Just this December, he was in Argentina doing surgery and a young man who had been shot came into the emergency room who wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. Luis opened up his chest, found a damaged aorta, repaired it and saved his life. This is the kind of person that Luis is. It’s really amazing that he volunteers as an EMT when he’s worked 30 years as a surgeon.”

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Another notable recognition was the Thursday night crew, who saved the life of a man who went into cardiac arrest at an indoor tennis court.

“On behalf of the township committee and the people of Cranford, I would like to thank the Cranford First Aid squad for all that they do,” Deputy Mayor Patrick Giblin said. “Most people don’t know they are a 100 percent volunteer organization. They’re an incredible First Aid Squad."

The First Aid Squad members recognized at the meeting are: Sue Lucas, Luiz Lopez, Kailyn Grant, Christian Sevilla, Miranda Whelan, Andrea Crespo, Kent Lucas and Ramiro Lopez-Crespo.