CRANFORD - Girl Scouts of Cranford Troop 40534 has recently completed a Silver Award project. The Silver Award is the second-highest award in Girl Scouting. To complete the award, three girls from Troop 40534 worked together on a project to improve their community. The girls decided to focus their project on Cranford’s bikeways. Upon investigation, the girls discovered that Cranford’s old bikeways map was in fact illegible. That is because the map was made from an architectural drawing, resulting in the street names being too small and difficult or often impossible to read. As such, the girls wondered how helpful the old map was to the township’s residents, or to the numerous “through bikers” who ride the East Coast Greenway, which passes directly through town from north to south.

With the support of Lieutenant Edward Davenport and the Cranford Police Department’s Traffic Bureau, the bikeways project team remapped the Cranford Bikeways using a program called Scribble Maps. The new Bikeways of Cranford map is web based and interactive, allowing users of the map to zoom in and out and easily read street names. The girls also pinned information on Cranford’s parks to the map as well, including information on the available amenities at each park (such as parking and bathroom facilities, playground equipment, special features, etc.).

In addition to mapping the Cranford Bikeways, the bikeways project team also rode the bikeways, documenting needed improvements and reporting those issues back to Lieutenant Davenport. This varied from discovering large potholes and cracks in the pavement, to debris in the bikeways, to missing bikeways signs, or in a couple of instances bikeways signs facing in the wrong direction. In late April, the girls also set up a booth at the Cranford Street Fair to get the word out about their project. Finally, they created a website with important information relating to bike safety and the benefits of bicycling to a person’s health and well being.

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Now that their Silver project is complete, the girls hope their fellow Cranford residents, neighbors and friends find that riding the Cranford bikeways and utilizing Cranford parks is both easier and much more enjoyable and that the new bikeways map will encourage more Cranford residents to use the Cranford bikeways.

More information can be found on their website at:

The map can also be accessed from the Police Department’s website at: