CRANFORD, NJ - Barbara Bilger and Michael Petrucci, Republican candidates for Cranford Township Committee are on a mission to meet you. The Committee hopefuls are determined to visit 4,000 doors before Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

“This is undoubtedly the most important part of any municipal campaign,” said Ms. Bilger, a former Cranford Mayor and Township Commissioner, "While we are telling residents about ourselves and our vision for the community we love, what we really need to do is listen to their concerns.  We want to know what local government is doing well and where there could be improvement,”

Mr. Petrucci added, “We want to knock on doors in every one of Cranford's 30 voting districts because needs vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. The feedback we get will help shape the future of Cranford.  There are concerns we all have, safe neighborhoods, good schools, a thriving downtown, all the things that our residents and taxpayers know make our town one of the most desirable in Union County if not all of New Jersey."

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During the past two years, remarkable progress has been made in Cranford. The Republican majority has initiated a vigorous road improvement and repaving project that will see over forty roads resurfaced within two years. Flood control projects that were sidelined for years are back on track and there is a new focus on community service with expanded municipal office hours and new communication tools. Bilger stated, “The feedback we are getting from our residents is positive.  People are pleased with the accomplishments Cranford has achieved during the past two years under Republican leadership.  For the first time in years, you can actually see tangible results happening.  Michael and I are focusing on that progress during this campaign and more importantly, will work to make certain that it continues when we are elected in November.”

The door-to-door campaign will continue for the next several weeks. Bilger and Petrucci will leave their calling cards with contact info if residents are not home.  Residents are encouraged to reach out to Barbara and Michael to discuss the important issues facing Cranford.