CRANFORD, NJ - The Cranford High School Academy of Performing Arts put on the play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” last Friday.

The play depicts the life of Christopher, a young boy with a strong heart and a mind suited for math and detective work. He lives alone with his father, under the impression his mother died two years ago, until a neighbor’s dog is killed and his whole world begins to unravel. He goes on a heart-wrenching journey both mentally and physically.

Different from the norm, this play presents a unique twist on a traditional play. The entire cast is on stage throughout its duration. Those not in the scenes sit in the back of the stage, watching like the audience.

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Laura Salway, a senior at CHS ,said she loves the play because, “it is so personal to every cast.”

Students also said they enjoyed the format of the play and how it allowed for improvisation.

“It was the first time on stage I felt these emotions,” Noah Wohlsen, who played Christopher’s father, said. “I was tearing up. I really got into the role.”

The Academy also employed new media, including screens with projections. The screens allow the audience to see Christopher’s emotions as the black grid that represents his mind changes colors. When Christopher fantasizes about being an astronaut, the grid on the screens fills with stars and planets.

The Academy also used new media for sound effects, including microwaves and drawers, to avoid any set or background changes.

“Honestly, the worry about malfunctions or mistakes with the new media is no different than the same worries for the other technical aspects of the play,” director David Marconi said. “We had tested the projections a decent amount, so I felt pretty comfortable using it on the night of the show.”

Grace Wilson is a high school student participating in a journalism program with TAPinto Cranford.