CRANFORD - Students at Cranford High School received the news on March 12 that they would not be returning to school in light of the Coronavirus pandemic for an indefinite amount of time.

Now, after over two months of quarantine and an announcement that traditional school will not resume for the 2020 year, students have been adjusting to the new at home school routine. With the use of Zoom online meetings and Google Classroom, teachers are managing to curate some semblance of traditional school, enabling students to stick to an effective routine and maintain learning.

In a study done with 90 students of all grades at Cranford High School regarding their quarantine and distance learning experience, 80 of the surveyed students wrote that one of the hardest parts of quarantine is not seeing their friends in school every day. 67 of the surveyed responded that missing out on sports and clubs was also one of the biggest challenges for them, as spring sport seasons were canceled before they could begin.

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While 61 students said they also miss being able to see teachers in person for help, 70% of the surveyed students said that they had adjusted well to online school, reporting either a four or five out of a five-point scale. 32% of students actually prefer online schooling over traditional.

The survey asked how students are managing to stay productive while completing school work at home. Although several students said they fail to be productive, most students said they make and maintain a schedule in order to stay organized and avoid missing work. One student said, “In the beginning of the week, I line up all my assignments and assign days that I will do them. This keeps me accountable and makes the amount of work look less overwhelming.” Other students said they need to put their phone aside to avoid distractions.

The survey data also revealed some positives in the quarantine adjustment. Many students noted that not attending school has been helpful in reducing their stress and helping their mental health. One student, after talking about the stress of social pressures as well as academic pressures said, “Quarantine has lifted all that stress off of my shoulders. It's liberating.”

So while students have been reaping benefits of quarantine, many are missing their old schedule and lifestyle. As one student put it, echoing the thoughts of many, “I never thought I would say that I miss school.”

CHS Students in Quarantine Survey Questions

  1. What has been the most challenging aspect of quarantining for you? (open-ended)
  2. What has been a positive aspect of quarantining? (open-ended)
  3. Do you prefer online school or traditional school? (select one)
  4. How well have you adjusted to online school? (select one)                            Not well - 1   2   3   4   5   - Very well
  5. How do you stay productive with online work? (open-ended)
  6. What do you miss about being in school? (select as many that apply)

    Learning in class.

    Seeing friends.

    Participating in clubs, sports, or other activities.

    Being able to see teachers in person for help.

    Having a regular school schedule.

    Classroom discussions.



  7. Is there anything else you would like to add about your quarantine experience? (open-ended)