The Cranford Recreation and Parks Department is pleased to announce the winners

of the following games and contests:



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10 – 13 Years Old:

1st Place:  James Ganley & Patrick Ganley

2nd Place:  Owen Woodruff & Sean Woodruff

3rd Place: Jack Cuddihy & Emma Grace Pachkowski


14 – 20 Years Old:

1st Place:  Johnny Bush & Jack Carroll

2nd Place:  Joe Lopes & Ted Trojan

3rd Place:  Louie Constable & Tim Eimer


21 Years and Older:

1st Place:  Paul Dowd & Conor Mahoney

2nd Place:  Gavin Murray & Kevin Trotter

3rd Place:  Erin Kelly & Chris Slayton


Mother & Child:

1st Place:  Erin & William Kelly

2nd Place:  Karen & Sean Woodruff

3rd Place:  Theresa & Lexi Snover


Father & Child:

1st Place:  John & Jacob Snover

2nd Place:  Tom & Jack Carroll

3rd Place:  Mike & Michael Scotti


Ma & Pa:

1st Place:  Karen & Gregg Woodruff

2nd Place:  Kristen & Chris Slayton

3rd Place:  Theresa & John Snover


Marathon 13 – 17 Yr. Old

1st Place:  Dylan Budnik, Johnny Bush & Jack Carroll

2nd Place: Louie Constable, Tim Eimer & Joe Lopes 

3rd Place:  Abby Ganley, Claire Ganley & Charlotte Van Why


Marathon 18 and Over

1st Place:  Connor Harkins, Will Smith, & Richie Vasquez

2nd Place:  Andy Bausback, Meredith Bausback, Chris Bennett

3rd Place:  Alana Buonaguro, Paul Buonaguro, Paul Starkey