The Cranford Knights of Columbus is holding our Annual Calendar Raffle Fundraiser and we use the funds that we raise for Scholarships to worthy high school seniors going off to college.  Last year, we had a great deal of applicants and we gave out $10,000 which depleted our Scholarship Fund.  This year, we have to make it up and I am sending you a copy of a Calendar Raffle and a picture our check presentation from last year.   A Calendar Raffle entry is only $10.00 and we will start our drawings on February 1st.  The prize is $50.00 per day and each entry is placed back in the raffle barrel so you can win multiple times.  Our Treasurer mails out the checks to each winner and they are disbursed from our Calendar Raffle Account to comply with NJ Gaming Regulations.  Our Council is licensed with the NJ Gaming Authority and all of the required disclosures are listed on each ticket.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a Calendar Raffle, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for your time and consideration and stay well.

John J. Doolan

908-451-8947 (Cell) ;