CRANFORD - At Tuesday's Township Committee Workshop Meeting, Deputy Mayor Ann Dooley spoke on a proposed ordinance restricting retail use of plastic bags and certain one-use non-recyclables. 

Dooley said that two surveys have been done - one with the residents and one with the businesses, and surpisingly to her, there was a good response rate from the businesses and not much resistance. She mentioned that the only resistance from businesses is that the customers won't like it, but when looking at the residents' survey, they seem to be in favor of it. 

The idea is to fully eliminate plastic bags and certain one-use non-recyclables by July 2020, but between January and July, there would be an "if you ask you get one, if you don't ask you don't" transition period. Dooley added that businesses such as smoothie shops would be exempt from the ordinance with items such as straws in an effort to not hinder operations. 

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The ordinance will also call for an elimination of styrofoam and non number 1 & 2 plastic takeout containers. 

Dooley said that New Jersey as a whole is currently looking at a bill to eliminate plastic shopping bags and styrofoam and that she and her team have tried to use the same language of that bill for Cranford's. 

The Township Commissioners are reviewing the ordinance and look to make a move on it by the next meeting in June.