CRANFORD, NJ – The Cranford Planning Board will hear an application from Hartz Mountain Industries to rezone 750 Walnut Avenue. The company intends to build 900 apartments in the space across from the Clark Commons.

According to the meeting agenda, the applicant intends to “rezone the subject property to eliminate the office and warehousing uses in favor of multi-family residential use.”

At last week’s township committee meeting, commissioner Andis Kalnins said, “I received many inquiries about a planning board application for 750 Walnut Avenue. It’s a request for the town to look at rezoning that property. There’s a lot of rumors and yes, the number proposed was 900 units. The state of New Jersey has a lot of regulations that are out of our control and this is one of them. It’s not a project as such, it’s a request to change the zoning. It’s currently a commercial zone. Right now, on my part, there’s not any intention to change that, but they do have the right to go in front of the planning board and ask for that. That’s what the application is.”

The planning board will meet on June 7 at 8 p.m.