CRANFORD, NJ - The Cranford Police Department is asking residents to walk, bike or carpool to the July 4 fireworks if possible to avoid traffic problems.

Earlier today, the CPD sent out this message asking residents to be respectful of the nearby homes and be careful when entering and exiting the fireworks display in Nomahegan Park at 9 p.m.

"The July 4th celebration will begin at dusk at Nomahegan Park with a fireworks display (approximately 9:00 pm). 
 With respect to parking, we urge those who can walk, bike, car pool, or be dropped off at the event to do so in order to minimize vehicular traffic. Also, it’s important to be respectful of the residential neighborhoods surrounding the park. In particular, we ask visitors to not block driveways, double-park, block intersections or hinder emergency access in anyway.

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Finally, attendees are asked to cooperate with the police managing traffic during the event. At the conclusion of the event a large volume of vehicles will be leaving the area at once. We are asking for your cooperation and patience, as delays are likely. Similar to traffic delays experienced when leaving a professional sporting event or concert.

To help visitors and residents better plan their routes through the Township, the following points highlight the traffic management plan for the evening of July 4th in-and-around Nomahegan Park:

  • All surrounds streets near the park are posted No Parking on one side. Be aware and read all signs prior to parking. Those in violation will be ticketed and towed if necessary.
  • Springfield Avenue at the park will be closed to traffic during the actual fireworks display. 
  • Those exiting the Union County College parking lot onto Springfield Avenue will only be able to turn left toward Kenilworth Boulevard.
  • Those exiting the Union County College parking lot onto Gallows Hill Road with be allowed to turn left towards Brookside Place if they are in the left lane and right towards Broad Street if they are in the right lane.
  • All roadways south of Union County College starting at Penn Road will be directed to turn right.
  • All roadways north of Union County College starting at the main entrance will be directed to turn left. Springfield Avenue will be four lanes traveling north to Kenilworth Boulevard.
  • At the start of the fireworks, all southbound traffic on Springfield Avenue will be blocked from Kenilworth Boulevard to Penn Road. 

Please respect the rights of others and refrain from bringing alcohol or personally owned fireworks to the event. The use of fireworks by anyone other than properly trained and licensed professionals is illegal and dangerous. The police department will be aggressively enforcing the laws regarding fireworks to ensure the safety of all attendees."