CRANFORD, NJ - In light of recent luring attempts in nearby towns, the Cranford Police Department has been gathering information from surrounding police departments in an attempt to ensure the safety of the township’s children. 

School Resource Officer, Detective Sergeant Matthew Nazzaro has been in close communications with members of the Cranford Public School District and St. Michael’s School, keeping each up to date with the most recent information.

According to the CPD, there have been no reported luring attempts in the township to date.
The department recommends you stay vigilant and aware and offers these safety precautions for school-aged children:

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 1.       When going to and from school, whenever feasible, make sure your child walks to and from school in a group or at least with a friend

2.       Your child knows who will be picking them up from school.

3.       Children are aware of their surroundings.  When walking alone, children should not wear headphones or be distracted by electronic devices.

4.      Parents have an appropriate discussion based on the child’s age, informing them to be aware of strangers. Children should feel comfortable talking to their parents about any suspicious incidents, so it can be reported to the police immediately.

As always the Cranford Police Department encourages residents to report suspicious activity at (908) 272-2222 or in an immediate emergency Call 911.