CRANFORD – After five days of physical training and classroom instruction, the 12th session of the Cranford Police Youth Academy held its Graduation Ceremony on Friday.

The academy is intended to give Cranford juveniles the opportunity to be introduced to law enforcement through a simulated police academy environment. It ran from Monday June 25th through Friday June 29th and was comprised of 64 cadets, the largest in its 12-year history. In his opening remarks, Detective Steven R. D’Ambola mentioned how unlike past years, all cadets made it through the full five days with no dropouts.

Physical training consisted of running, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, an obstacle course, and various other exercises. During the military drill portion, the cadets learned how to stand at attention, complete facing movements, properly salute, and march as a unit.

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Classroom instruction included motor vehicle stops, patrol operations, crime scene processing, water rescue, firearms safety, DWI enforcement, gang awareness, first aid/CPR, traffic investigations, and much more.

Members of the United States Marine Corps, United States Secret Service, Union County S.W.A.T., Union County Police Department Bomb Squad, and many more departments volunteered their time to make presentations to the cadets during classroom instruction.

“Integrity, maturity, and transformation,” said Detective D’Ambola. “I’m very proud of this amazing class.”

Congratulations to the graduates of the 12th Session of the Cranford Police Department Youth Police Academy:

Christian Agnello

Anthony Andrews

Serena Barra

Katharine Batista

Christopher Battiloro

Anthony Bayate Jr.

Sofia Bongiovanni

Olivia Bufkin

Joscelin Busse

Tiago Caetano

Lucas Caldwell

Jonah Capozzi

Jake Carvalho

Nora Cumiskey

Owen Cumiskey

Patrick Daly

Oksana Dannenberg

Samuel Derasmo

Emma Donnelly

Grace Donnelly

Christopher Egurrola

Ryan Egurrola

Lucas Esposito

Dylan Falk

Benjamin Fossella

Daniela Gebert

Asher Gelfand

Jonah Horne

Miles Horne

Reid Jaeger

Danny Kennedy

Karina Kilbashian

Ryan Kilbashian

Anthony Lettini

Olivia Ludlam

Cael Lynch

Kevin Lynch

Daniel Malanka

Arwen Mantilla

Ryan McCarthy

Maximillian McConnell

Noah Merriman

Kate Midura

Nick Moritz

Aiden Nester

Will O’Keefe

Joseph Paccione

Olivia Padovano

Thomas Pereira

Declan Quigley

William Ramsay

Aidan Reidy

Gregory Reilly

Alec Schneller

Evan Surmay

Samuel Tallon

Ryan Turnamian

Guillermo Valladares

Emma Van Bergen

Joseph Wallin

Bridget Webb

Matthew Weiland

Faith Williams

Hope Williams