CRANFORD, NJ – Cranford Public Schools will host a mathematics and reading information session for parents of children in kindergarten through second grade.

The session will be ran by math coach Debra Shriner and literacy coach Lorraine Madden. The two will provide tips, activities, ideas and resources to better understand how to help with math and reading at home.

According to a flyer sent by Cranford Public Schools, the math portion will provide “activities, ideas and resources such as math computer apps, games, recipes and craft ideas to better understand math to use at home each day and to personalize math for your child.”

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The reading segment will “discuss the strategies necessary to become proficient readers and how you can help at home during this time of literacy acquisition. We will discuss how phonemic awareness, sound-letter association, fluency, reading levels, comprehension and metacognition all help students become readers,” the flyer reads.

The session will take place on Monday, Feb. 5 in the Hillside Avenue School cafeteria from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Reservations are required to attend the session. To confirm attendance, click here.