CRANFORD, NJ- A group of middle school boys and their mothers are taking on a new role this weekend: Easter bunnies.

The Cougars for a Cure Relay for Life team are providing Cranford’s homes with an egg hunt service. For $25 or $50, a customer can order 35 or 75 eggs filled with candy and toys to be hidden in his or her lawn on Saturday night after dark. The team, consisting of about fifteen boys from Orange Avenue School and Hillside Avenue School, will be supervised by parents as they hide the eggs to be found the next morning.

“One of our mothers heard about the idea in Staten Island last year, and we saved it to do this year,” Courtney Paneri, a mom of one of the team members, said. “We started out thinking that if we got 15 houses, it would be great. So far we’ve had more than 1,000 eggs for 23 houses ordered."

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The group is already planning to continue the fundraiser next year. The original deadline for orders was April 10, but Paneri said she has room for a few more orders that are placed by Wednesday.

“It’s been really nice,” Paneri said. “We had one person order eggs for themselves and for a family in need, and two other families added extra donations to their orders. The boys are really excited.”

To order eggs or inquire about the service, call 908-868-2016 or email