CRANFORD, NJ – Second-grade classes at Bloomingdale Avenue took their love of ice cream to a new level when they created four new ice cream flavors, as part of a classroom project.

Diane Cruz's class created Cherry Chocolate Champion, Lauren Oricchio's class created Kookie Cookie Dough, Kelly LoGiudice-Alfano's class made Velvet Sensation and Therese Koellner's class made Waffleberry Fudge. 

Students in each class were given the task of designing a new flavor of ice cream that was popular with adults and children.  The project taught the children the importance of  working with a group, surveying the public, constructing bar graphs and pictographs as well as interpreting data to make informed decisions. 

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Design teams were then required to name the new flavor and create a poster to advertise the ice cream.  The unit ended at the Vanilla Bean where owner, Ralph Kopelman, created the flavors to be sold at his establishment. 

The best part of the project was all second-gradersenjoyed an evening of taste testing their recipes.