CRANFORD, NJ – The Cranford Township Committee passed a resolution to adopt its proposed $37,871,989 municipal budget during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The budget went down about $170,000 from last year.

The average Cranford homeowner will pay the township an additional $32.99 more than last year with this year’s tax rate of 1.392. In comparison, last year’s tax rate was 1.374.

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The township committee also noted that they discussed this year's capital budget in its workshop meeting. The capital budget will include funds marked for expansions to the children’s room at the library.

“Last night we reviewed the capital budget requests for this year,” finance commissioner Mary O’ Connor said. “As you may know, one of the items includes the expansion of the children’s room of the library. This opportunity has been created through the New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act, approved by New Jersey State Library last November. The act funds $125 million in library improvements for matching grants.”

O’Connor said she hopes to see the township’s children enjoy the same classic opportunities that the library offered in the past.

“I can honestly say, in five years, I have never had so many residents reach out to me about capital budget requests and their support for the library and the programs that it gives for everyone, especially the children,” she added. “I think it’s great to see something like this moving forward. We have a lot of young families in this town with children. I’d like to see them have the same opportunities that our children had when they were growing up.”

Dooley also voiced support for the application, saying Cranford must be competitive when applying for grants.

“By far, the best part of this year’s capital budget is the children’s library extension,” Dooley said. “I am very pleased that this township committee went all in to make us the most competitive applicant for the grant process for matching funds from the state. I’m really excited that we are getting this done. This is the sort of thing Cranford should do. These types of grants are rarely available and we must, must compete.”

Dooley also added that, though she wishes there were more funds dedicated to road repairs and flood mitigation in the municipal budget, there is still more done than there has been in past years.

“My biggest regret with this particular budget is that we are not able to dedicate more funds to our roads and flood mitigation this year, but we have done more than we have in the past and we’ve been very successful in receiving grant money,” Dooley said. “Still, there’s much work to be done and this township committee is committed to doing so.”

To view the municipal budget, click here.

The township committee also approved a resolution adopting the Downtown District Management Corporation budget of $175,798.14, which went down about $1,500 from last year.

To view the DMC budget, click here.