CRANFORD, NJ – The Cranford Township Committee passed a resolution to adopt its 2017 municipal budget of $22,731,187 at last night’s meeting.  

The average Cranford homeowner will pay an additional $34.59 in taxes to the town due to a 1.40 percent increase in the tax rate. The budget also includes a reduction in public safety due to the cut of one promised position and one retirement in the police force, according to commissioner Mary O’Connor.

“I am voting for the budget because it’s imperative that we get everything addressed in this town,” O’Connor said.

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But she said that she did not vote yes without reservations and will continue to advocate for further consideration for positions within the police department.

“My vote on the budget was something that I really wrestled with, and I do agree with parts of the budget,” O’Connor said. “The part I don’t agree with is critical to me. As township commissioner, we each have issues that we feel are primary. One of mine is that our police and fire departments have the personnel, equipment, and training to do their job of protecting the residents of Cranford. Last year during the budget review, the previous township committee agreed to hire an additional police officer that was part of the academy in January. We have recently had a retirement that created a vacancy in the department. Neither of those positions are in this budget. Cranford is changing and growing. Between the Riverfront and other approved projects we have added over 300 residences to Cranford. Birchwood will add another 225 and other projects are being proposed. More people, more traffic, more emergency calls. We need a fully staffed police department.”

More information about the budget can be found on the township committee website here.