CRANFORD, NJ – The Cranford Township Committee said “goodbye” to Commissioner Andis Kalnins at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Kalnins, a Republican, has served on the township committee for six consecutive years. He was mayor for three years, from 2014 through 2016, and served as the commissioner of finance.

“I had a lot of fun and I hope I did some good over the last six years,” Kalnins said.

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In his last speech as commissioner, Kalnins thanked his family, former and current members of the township committee and employees of the township.

“I want to thank everybody who works in the town because you guys keep us all together and move us forward,” Kalnins said, voice thick with emotion. “I also want to thank everyone who supported me over the years. There’s one thing about Cranford and that’s people who care. It really shows in a lot of ways, in all those special things like helping a neighbor out during a flood or a snowstorm. And especially, thank you to my family. They’ve given a lot.”

Every commissioner on the board thanked Kalnins for his service and repeatedly mentioned his commitment to the township over the years.

“It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve with him over the last four years,” Commissioner Mary O’Connor said, mentioning Kalnins’ many initiatives including Cranford's largest infrastructure project, a paving program, a reduction of the Birchwood density and more. “But one of the things he will be most remembered for is that he treated everyone with respect and was always willing to help out and lend a hand. I hear he went to everything he was ever invited to, and that takes a lot of time and shows a lot of dedication. He is truly leaving Cranford better than he found it and he will be missed.”

A full viewing of the meeting can be seen on TV 35.