CRANFORD, NJ – The Cranford Department of Public Works has been on the job since late Friday night, when the snow first began to fall and continue the clean-up as a result of the 27 plus inches that blanketed the township. Cranford Mayor Kalnins commented on the process, “The DPW has been doing a tremendous job in extreme snowfall conditions.  Some of the streets had to be cleared with front end loaders because there was nowhere to plow the snow. They will be continuing to better clear the streets and clear the parking lots over the next few days.”

As the clean-up and snow removal continues throughout the township, please be aware of the following closings, cancellations and announcements for Tuesday Jan 26:

Cranford Public Schools are closed.
Curbside recycling on the Northside of town is canceled.

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Resident commuter information released by the police department:

The Township of Cranford is requesting that resident commuters be dropped off or carpool to the Train Station until snow can be removed from the upper levels of the parking garage and all municipal parking lots.

In addition, commuters that cannot find a parking spot in the 12 hour permit parking lots may utilize any parking spaces in the parking garage on Tuesday without penalty. (This does NOT include the spaces marked for the private residences of Cranford Crossing.)  An update will be sent on Tuesday evening as to whether this will carry over to Wednesday.

Significant snow load and plowing operations has forced the closure of the upper level for the next few days.  With over two feet of snow to remove, parking will also be limited in all municipal lots.

The Cranford DPW continues its focus on clearing snow, and thanks commuters and all residents for their patience during this process.