ROSELLE PARK, NJ - An alert customer noticed a credit card skimming device on a Citibank ATM at the 7-11 located at 500 Locust St. in Roselle Park on October 5. 

Roselle Park police are investigating the incident and it is unknown how long the device was on the machine or how many victim(s) there are in this case. To date there have been seven reports made by Roselle Park residents regarding fraudulent activity related to this incident. 

Anyone with information regarding this incident are encouraged to contact the Roselle Park Police at 908-245-2300.  

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According to police, these types of skimmers are located where you insert the card. The skimmer looks like it belongs to the machine. Before entering your card, you should see if the front piece pulls off. 

Another type of skimming device has a camera placed right above the pin pad that scans your card and records you typing in your PIN. 

If you see either of these types of skimmers, contact police immediately.