CRANFORD - On Tuesday, the Township will lift the free parking order on streets in the downtown, but the parking lots will remain free for the time being, according to the Township of Cranford newsletter sent out on Friday.

With retailers now able to join restaurants and food businesses in offering curbside pick up of merchandise, the businesses are counting on convenient parking for their customers, so the Township asks the public to use the parking lots if you will be downtown for a longer period.

"The Township Committee understands the need for convenient and available parking so customers can pull up, get their food or goods and leave," the newsletter read. "Resuming enforcement of street parking will ensure those spaces turnover regularly. We encourage you to come downtown, walk around and window-shop to see what stores have to offer. If you come by car and plan to be here for a while, park in one of the shopper lots where you can stay up to three hours."

Parking is free every day after 6 p.m. and free all day Sunday. Click here for more Downtown Cranford Parking Information.