Attention all high school girls!  Do you need a night of self-care? A break from school, college prep classes, or just a bit of time to "check out"? Then sign up TODAY ... Our evening of wellness is NEXT FRIDAY, MARCH 2 from 6:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.  Go to to register.

Kids for Kids a Mindfulness Movement has created an evening of fun and wellness just for YOU! The evening will include aromatherapy, jewelry design, yoga, pure barre, meditation, massages, acupuncture and more!  We will begin the evening at Pure Barre located at 708 North Avenue.  Please ARRIVE  by 6:15 in order to check in and hand in waiver forms.  After some invigorating "physical activities" at Pure Barre we will walk down to The Juice House located at 410 North Avenue for some RELAXATION!

Arielle Cassidy, owner of The Juice House and advocate for young ladies is opening her doors to you.  "We have partnered with Arielle because of her commitment to empowering and educating young women everywhere!"  "She has created a space not only where you can eat healthy but where you can also connect with others and feel at ease - both Arielle and her employees are the reason for this - their energy and openness is contagious - not to mention the addictive ingredients in their infamous "acai bowls"!  Soooo, all you JUICE HOUSE fans, come and make your own acai bowls with us!  Also, check out Arielle's new venture at

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Ellen Bernholz, co-owner of Pure Barre-Westfield, and also an avid supporter of women and young ladies throughout our community, will be providing a space to get "PHYSICAL!"  "We all know the benefits of exercise but carving out the time and finding a workout (and atmosphere) that works for you is hard to find!"  "Pure Barre has created a workout that is effective, safe and especially designed for women"  "Ellen has also created an environment where young ladies can feel motivated yet also accept themselves as is!"  We are thankful to Ellen for opening her doors for young ladies to learn more about health and wellness.

Here at Kids for Kids a Mindfulness Movement, our goal is to teach young kids how and why it is important to be more mindfully connected to themselves and the world around them.  A recent issue of Time Magazine had a feature image on the cover for mindfulness, calling it a revolution. One might be wondering; why has it become so popular? You might even wonder; what is mindfulness, really? You may even want to know how you can develop it, or why would you want to.

Here are four definitions of mindfulness, all of them accurate.

1. Mindfulness is awareness.
2. Mindfulness is being more present – More embodied in the moment.
3. Mindfulness is calm, alert, presence with equanimity (Equanimity is being even-minded or non-judgmental).
4. In the book Full Catastrophe Living, the author Jon Kabat-Zinn defines mindfulness as paying attention on purpose in the present moment without judgment.

To help clarify what mindfulness is, it can be useful to know what it’s not. It is not absent mindedness, mindlessness, or conceptualizing – Unless the latter is intentional and you’re aware of it. An example of non-mindfulness that most of us have experienced is driving down the freeway and suddenly realizing we haven’t noticed anything that we have passed in the last ten minutes. We were caught up in our head; someplace other than where we were.


  • When possible do one thing at a time!
  • Pay FULL attention to that one thing!
  • When your mind wanders (as it surely will;), bring it back
  • Repeat Step 3, several billion times!
  • Explore distractions with curiosity and openness

We feel that mindfulness is a revolution that we'd like to take part in.  It is imperative for our youth because we now live in a world that often times promotes disconnection not connection, that instills fear and not comfort and that unfortunately does not protect our youth.  We are trying (along with many other wellness centers in our community) to help kids CONNECT in a more mindful, loving manner and we'd love if you could join us.  Please follow us and let us know if you'd like to be involved!  Stay tuned for our April 2 retreat day for children in grades k-5 and our summer camp series.

View a GREAT video here about the importance of slow breathing!



If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Annette Ferrigno at 917-865-9577 or Marissa Mastrocola at 908-821-7818.  You can also send  To register for the day workshops, go to  Find us on Facebook, Twitter @ KidsforKids_ and Instagram @ mindfulkidsforkids to keep up to date with all our events and mindful tips.  Kids for Kids is located in downtown Westfield at 7 Elm Street, Westfield, NJ 07090.