CRANFORD, NJ - The seventh-grade social studies class at Hillside Avenue School recently completed their year-long project called the “House of Wax.”

Since November, students have been working in groups to research, write about, and create a three-dimensional scene of a specific event in the history of one of the civilizations covered in the curriculum.

Students developed detailed blue prints of their scene and discussed how they planned on bringing their event to life.  After receiving approval on their blue prints, the students began the process of making their costumes, painting backgrounds, and building props for their scene.  

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The project reached its culmination on Thursday, May 19 at 7:00 PM in the HAS cafeteria as the students put their background together and took their places as characters(the “wax figures”) in their scene from history for guests to see.

Seventh-grade social studies teacher, Mr. RJ Dusak said, "The students were thrilled and excited in making history come alive."

The students once again took their places in their scenes the morning of Friday, May 20 for Hillside Avenue School middle and elementary students.