CRANFORD - has published an article detailing the changes to curbside recycling, issued by Giordano Company Inc. 

According to the press release, "The recycling industry at this moment is currently undergoing many serious changes that are effecting curbside single stream collection. China has recently put a ban on 24 different types of plastics, and also put strict quality standards on recycling. This is part of several movements that were initiated including the “Green Fence” and “Green Sword” that have impacted quality standards for marketable commodities. We need to clean up recycling curbside. We are at contamination levels of 20-25% across all of the townships we service. This is very problematic as contamination and moisture levels have made entire loads unmarketable. Our facility (G&F Recycling & Salvage Corp.) is under an equipment upgrade process to comply with China’s new standards. We have made a substantial investment towards our equipment, but without clean material, we will continue to have issues during processing. Our inspectors will reject our materials if we do not comply with these regulations."

Giordano Company Inc. is stressing three main changes:

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NO PLASTIC BAGS OF ANY KIND (blue, clear, black) as they get caught in the machines. Certain Companies such as Gladd advertise “recycling bags” but they are not compliant with our program nor are they accepted at our facilities. 

CONTAINERIZE MATERIALS - Materials must be loose in at least a 32 gallon receptacle marked “recycling”- we strongly recommend the purchase of a toter or bin on wheels with an attached lid. Once materials are wet or contain moisture, they are NOT marketable.

PLASTICS #1 & #2 ARE THE ONLY PLASTICS ACCEPTED- No markets exist for #3-#7.


  • Plastic Bottles & Containers - Bottles codes with #1 or #2 on bottom. 
  • Mixed Papers - Paper, Newspapers, Magazines, Junk Mail, Catalogs, & Phone Books. 
  • Cans - Aluminum and Steel (tin) Cans and Lids.
  • Glass Bottles and Jars - All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors.
  • Cardboard - Corrugated, cereal, & CLEAN pizza boxes.
  • Cartons - Milk, Juice, & Food cartons. 


  • Plastic Bags - Please do not bag your recycles or place bags in bin. Visit for drop off locations. 
  • Styrofoam - Styrofoam CANNOT be recycled curbside. 
  • Dishware, Glass, & Mirrors - These items can be thrown in regular garbage. 
  • Dirty Pizza Boxes - Boxes cannot contain leftover food or grease. 
  • Shredded Paper - Place shredded paper in regular garbage.
  • Pots, Pans, and Small Appliances.
  • Plastic Bottles & Containers not coded #1 or #2, and Plastic Ware. is currently under construction, but will be ready this month with more educational resources and tools for residents to follow to comply with these new rules and regulations. Residents can also call the Giordano Company Inc. hotline 1-800-216-2250 ext. 2, or email