CRANFORD, NJ - Election Day, our opportunity as Americans to have a say in our government, Democracy, sometimes taken for granted, but always cherished. Just like every other town in this nation, Cranford residents went to the polls yesterday, exercised their constitutional right and voted freely for the candidates of their choosing. Two Township Council seats and three Board of Education seats were up for election.

Mayor Andis Kalnins, a Republican, and Lisa Adubato were re-elected to another three-year term on the council. Two newcomers, Lisa A. Carbone and Daniel DeMarco, were elected to the Board of Education along with incumbent JoAnn Boyle.

At a post-election gathering, Mayor Kalnins stated, “I’m feeling great, it feels good to know the voters have acknowledged the work we are doing and will continue to do.”  When asked how his last three years will help him in the next three, he stated, “The first year was a learning one, the second, we lost the majority on the council and the third we got a chance to implement a sustainable plan that will continue forward. The main focus is financial security, business development and taking care of our infrastructure.” He went on to say “Thank you to the voters for recognizing our hard work and allowing us to continue to go forward.” 

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Kalnins also announced the council has asked him to continue on as mayor. The person who holds the office usually only sits for one year. He will serve another year as mayor, it has only happened four times in 34 years.

Adubato reiterated Kalnins' comments, saying, "I am very happy with the results tonight. I believe it shows that the town accepts our message of continuing positive progress in a variety of areas. Both Mayor Kalnins and I are very grateful to the voters for giving us the opportunity to continue to serve Cranford."

Kalnins and Adubato now get back to work to continue the job the residents have voted them in to do.