We, Keep Cranford Quaint, are urging area residents to attend the final and deciding Cranford Zoning Board meeting scheduled for Monday, Feb. 6th at 8:00 pm.  This meeting will be held at the Cranford Municipal Building on Springfield Avenue.  We are opposing the zoning application and 17 variances needed by a 7-11 convenience store proposed for the site located at the intersection of South Avenue and Lincoln Avenue. The zoning variances will have significant negative impacts to the residents of Cranford.  Twenty-four hour light and noise pollution will directly impact the surrounding residential homes. Traffic and safety issues will also impact all residents of Cranford.  The loss of neighborhood character and residential property values are also of great concern.  The fact that this 7-11 convenience store needs 17 variances speaks volumes in itself.  That means 17 variations, divergences, conflicts and deviations from the rules set in place by our township and the Cranford Master Plan.  We hope that the Cranford zoning Board will reject this proposed application.  So, please attend this hearing, support Keep Cranford Quaint and voice your concerns on Feb. 6th.

Thank You,
Matthew and Phyllis Howard
Keep Cranford Quaint