WASHINGTON, D.C.--- Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07)  introduced a resolution of disapproval in the House of Representatives criticizing the Obama Administration’s decision to obtain the United Nations Security Council’s approval of the Iran nuclear agreement on the first day Congress started its review period.

“Congress should have come first in reviewing the Iran nuclear agreement.  The Obama Administration violated its pledge to provide Congress with a meaningful role in reviewing the deal by having countries like China and Russia vote on the deal first.  And that vote came just hours after Congress received the text of the agreement, undermining the President’s promise to give the American people, through their elected representatives, ample time to scrutinize and review the deal before it moved forward,” said Lance after introducing the resolution in the House. 

The Obama Administration’s action at the United Nations complicates the consideration of the deal before Congress as the U.N. decision ensures the dismantling of the international sanctions architecture.  That consideration significantly changes the debate at a time when House members and Senator should solely be focusing on whether the agreement is in the best interest of the national security of the United States, and not the economic and political changes ending sanctions may bring.  And the timing of the U.N. vote – literally hours after Congress formally received the agreement text  – further undermines the Obama Administration’s promise for two years that Congress would have a robust role in reviewing any deal with Iran.