Does the Governor, the legislators and representatives in the State Of New Jersey have the political will to deliver tax relief for the few Centenarian Homeowners who need hardship exemptions from municipal property taxes?


Why not allow tax deductions for Sponsors of Centenarian Homeowners who can no longer pay their municipal property taxes and allow those sponsors charitable deductions on their New Jersey State Income Tax Returns. We’ve put men on the moon but we can’t come up with ways to help our Centenarians on low incomes stay in their homes without the fear of tax liens and home foreclosures.


Tax policies are subject to change. It’s unconscionable our oldest of old should be subjected to the burdens of municipal property taxes.

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This writer rightly assumes Centenarian Homeowners who own and live in their mortgage-free homes are a minuscule percentage of the total New Jersey resident municipal property tax paying population. And of those Centenarian Homeowners who own and live in their mortgage-free homes, how many of these Centenarians live on social security only?


This writer’s point being: a very small number of Centenarians would qualify for this proposed sponsorship municipal property tax relief.


I would like to think there some people in the State of New Jersey ready, willing, and able to step up to the plate for our Centenarian residents who are still in the game of life.


Getting to 100 years of age is an amazing accomplishment; and, moving beyond that a miracle in slow motion, but still miraculous considering the odds. We should be celebrating our Centenarians not subjecting them to municipal property tax burdens beyond their means. 


Centenarian property tax relief is more than an idea; it is an act of human decency sorely needed in a society all too often willfully blind to the needs of our oldest of old. Let’s be honest, centenarian issues do NOT trend well on social media platforms. Most of us prefer to spend our time lost in virtual realities far removed from the real substance of life.


Still, despite all the distractions and distortions out there, this writer hopes there are people in our local communities who do care about our most vulnerable populations. Question is: Will any of our New Jersey State Legislators step up to the plate and do the right thing for their oldest of old constituents?


While most Centenarians are faceless and forgotten in our society; those of us who care for our centenarian family members must speak out and act on their behalf or nothing will change. The status quo of ignoring our oldest of old needs to change.


We seem to forget; we too will age out and be judged, juried, and sentenced as irrelevant by the ever advancing rear guard of future generations.


So, how about some “YES WE CAN” for our centenarian citizens/residents in the State of New Jersey?


Centenarians need more than birthday cards and cakes. Centenarians need more than “God bless you” greetings and salutations. Our Mothers, Our Fathers, Our Grandmothers, Our Grandfathers, our family members and good friends who’ve committed the alleged crime of living beyond death norm statistics NEED our advocacy and action on their behalf.


Case in point: My mother Rose is 106 years old and was born in a shack off Woodlawn Avenue in Cranford, New Jersey. Rose is a centenarian citizen who’s lived 99.9% of her life in Cranford Township; and, is more than likely the oldest native born resident of this town. My mother should be celebrated not subjected to tax liens. Surely, at 106 year’s old living only on social security income, Rose and others like her deserve tax relief and/or tax hardship exemptions.


The possibility of losing a home you’ve lived in over 75 years, losing a home you own mortgage free, losing a home at the age of 106 is unconscionable and shameful in the State of New Jersey or in any other state within our great nation.


We respond and act up against animal cruelty and neglect. What about the political neglect we demonstrate against the oldest of the old constituencies in our State of New Jersey.


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