To the Editor:

What do a recently energized resistor, two octogenarians and a former candidate for Congress have in common? They are among 17 current members of the Cranford Democratic Committee furtively replaced by the Cranford Democratic Chair. Their offense? Voting their conscience in last year’s election for the Union County Democratic Chair. Virtually any committeeperson who voted for Mayor Colleen Mahr, and not Senator Nick Scutari, was secretly replaced by the Cranford Municipal Chair. No “Thank you for your service”. No “We’ve decided to give others a turn”. Not a word. In addition, Cranford Democratic Committee meetings were repeatedly canceled so there was no opportunity to address these issues with the Chair in a public forum.

To make matters worse, the Municipal Chair has authorized the Cranford Democratic Committee funding of two full-color glossy mailers targeting any District who had the courage to run an alternative to those hand-picked by him. The Municipal Chair has pitted neighbor against neighbor instead of working to unite us.

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We will not go quietly. We educated ourselves about the process, filed our own petitions and are proud to be running to remain on the Cranford Democratic Committee. We love our town, our county and our State. We love and respect the democratic process and are fighting to preserve it. Many Democrats who support a true and fair democratic process are running in Cranford, including our two outstanding Township Committee candidates, Kathleen Miller-Prunty and Brian Andrews. However, where you have a choice vote Column D – Democrats for Cranford First.

Local Elections Matter. On June 4 vote for Column D in Cranford.

Phyllis Kivett-Howard

Nancy Kaimowitz

Harriet Mazur

Kathleen Murray

Bob Pipchick

David Pringle