CRANFORD, NJ – A Cranford husband and wife plan to bring the flavors of Buffalo, NY to Cranford with the grand opening of their new restaurant, Little Buffalo.

Michael and Donna Maggio grew up in Buffalo before moving to Cranford in 1995. This year, they decided to bring the tastes of home to Cranford with a menu based on several classic restaurants in western New York.

“We grew up in a place where it’s always really cold and there’s not a lot to do except eat really good food,” Michael Maggio said. “After 22 years, we missed the taste of home so much that we decided to bring it here.”

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The restaurant will feature buffalo wings, hot dogs, and more, all served with a special sauce.

“The food is different there,” Maggio said. “It’s all about flavors and different tastes. A hot dog is never just a hot dog, it’s a hot dog with a sauce.”

Little Buffalo’s signature item is Beef on Weck, a roast beef sandwich on a Buffalo kimmelweck roll, which features pretzel salt and caraway seeds.

“We did our best to mimic the sauces from five iconic restaurants back home,” Maggio said. “It’s zesty and flavorful.”

Although the couple has not previously owned restaurants, they’re excited to share their food and flavors.

“Where we grew up, you either cooked good food or you didn’t last,” Maggio said.

Little Buffalo officially opens on Thursday, Nov. 9 at 11 a.m at 101 North Avenue W. The restaurant offers dine-in and delivery. To view the menu or find out more information, click here.

“We’ve lived here for 20 years and we love Cranford,” Maggio said. “It’s got great people and a great vibe. Our big hope is to give everyone a taste of home in our hometown.”