CRANFORD, NJ - Local Cranford band Splittree, made up of Cranford High graduates, released their sophomore album, Asleep Behind the Wheel on November 17th. The group, comprised of Tom Stoke (18), John Anclien (19), Kean MacLelland (19), and Alex Codella (19) released the album through Mozu Records, an independent label based in New Haven, CT. The new album marks the second full-length release from the band in 2015, and is the follow up to their debut album Mind Tricks, which was released March 3rd of this year.

            “The response to Mind Tricks was overwhelming,” says guitarist Alex Codella. “Once we saw the growth from the first album, we wanted to get back into the studio. Two albums in one year may seem like a lot, but the songs on Mind Tricks weren’t brand new material if fans had followed us for a while. Every song on Asleep Behind the Wheel is brand new just for this album.”

            The band, who write original, alternative and rock music spent June through August recording the new, 12-song album, Asleep Behind the Wheel, and worked with industry professionals for the mastering, production and distribution. “For example, we had the opportunity to have a great producer and friend, Stefano Bonzi, from LA based BonziRecording, work on vocals for this record,” says Tom Stoke.

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            This is the band’s first album to be released through the Mozu Records, whom the band signed with on October 16. Mozu Records will also re-release the band’s debut album.

“Chelsea (Stay Tuned),” an upbeat song with a mix of clean and overdriven guitars, but a softer sound for the group, was the first single from the new record, which the band released on November 3rd.

            “This record is interesting because it shows the progression of our sound which has developed even over a few months,” drummer John Anclien adds. “We have some hard rock songs, which are newer to our style, but still keep the Mind Tricks flair in a lot of the other tunes.”

            “We now have two albums and numerous other songs that we haven’t recorded under our belt,” says singer and guitarist Kean MacLelland. “Our next step is to support this album and our debut by touring, just playing as many shows as possible, radio spins, and any means of promotion. We are fortunate now because we have a distribution deal and management backing. We have come along way in just a few months.”

            The new album once again features guitarist Alex Codella, this time as a full-time member, and also appearances by Luke Langone of Nothing Personal. This will also be the last album to include Tom Stoke as a member, as he announced his departure in late September. Over 300 hours had been put into recording, mixing, and mastering. Recording took place at Studio 108 in Cranford, NJ.


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