CRANFORD, NJ – The township held their annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 1 at town hall. Mayor Andis Kalnins was unanimously selected to serve as mayor for a second consecutive term.  The mayor shared some thoughts on what it means to him to have this opportunity again. Mayor Kalnins said, “I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the people of Cranford for another term and even more excited that the township committee has decided to keep me on as Mayor for another year.  We have accomplished a lot over the last few years and particularly over the last 12 months. I believe that the stability that this type of continuity will bring will allow us to continue the work that we have started.  We have put good leaders in place on the professional staff, we have built controls that will keep our government running more efficiently and at the same time we have started to reengage the government working with the public and responding to what their needs are.”

Kalnins went on to say. “We will continue this through additional engagement with the police and fire departments working with the citizens and business communities, with a continued focus on rebuilding our roads and infrastructure, and continuing to focus on keeping taxes down by balancing what we need and those services that we want.”

He continued, “We are also going to be focusing on better communications with the citizens, with the decline in media coverage of local events there is definite need for better communications.  We will be looking at alternative methods of communicating with our citizens.  We have been using some types of social media and updating of our website, but we have a long way to go, and we will be focusing on that this year.”

In line with the Mayor's objective for reaching the public through alternative news sources, the township passed a resolution designating TAP into Cranford as the "the electronic news source for which notices and other matters are to be provided under the Open Public Meetings Act".