Are you one of those people who collect too much stuff and your house is a cluttered mess? Well you are in luck because there is a group for you that can help you manage your clutter and get you organized. Messies’ Anonymous group will be held once a week at the office of Time to Get Organized. The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 13, at 7p.m.The office is located in Annandale Square, 67 Beaver Avenue, Corbit Building, Lower level in Annandale, NJ. Each meeting will be held every second Tuesday of the month. The cost to attend is free.

The Messies Anonymous Group will use a Twelve-Step process to help you overcome the clutterness that has overtaken your lives. People are free to express themselves and talk about things that are making them disorganized. This group will support each other in order to find ways that will help them live their lives in an organized manner again. You will receive tips and strategies throughout the process on ways to get rid of the clutter in a positive atmosphere.

Time to Get Organized is a full-service organizational and time management company that assists corporate and home-based businesses and residential clients with their organizing needs. Please visit their website  for more information about upcoming events, like them on Facebook at  or follow them on twitter at Their new office is at Annandale Square, 67 Beaver Avenue, Corbitt Building, Lower Level, in Annandale, NJ 08801.