Give the gift of giving this Mother’s Day and join Moms Helping Moms (MHM) in our fight to lessen the burden for NJ Moms who struggle to provide diapers for their children. Diaper need is the challenge to provide babies with clean, dry diapers. For some, purchasing diapers for a baby can be huge cost and burden. A baby uses close to 2,800 diapers in its first year alone equating to an average $936 yearly spend for families with a little one. 

When we help a neighbor meet her child’s basic needs, we help a mother succeed. Consider making a donation to the Mother’s Day Dollars for Diapers Campaign  in honor of an important woman in your life.  

WHAT:  Donate to the Mother’s Day Dollars for Diapers Campaign  in honor or memory of you mother or grandmother and help local NJ moms with diaper need. Together we can reach our $10,000 goal: 

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  • $25 can provide over 250 diapers  

  • $50 can provide 500 diapers 

  • $100 can provide 1000 diapers 


WHEN:  Donate by May 7th 2017, and we’ll send your loved one a handwritten note notifying them of your generous gift in their honor.   


WHO: A perfect gift for any mother or grandmother.  

WHERE: Visit the Mother’s Day Dollars for Diapers Campaign  donation page click on the link below: or the for details. 

DETAILS: MHM Founder and Director Bridget Cutler is available for interviews. A local diaper need recipient can also be made available.  


  • Moms Helping Moms Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that provides baby essentials and diapers to low-income families in New Jersey.  

  • NJ Baby Diaper Facts, a 2016 study compiled by the National Diaper Bank Network  

  • “For some mothers, there will be no flowers or brunches this Mother’s Day, because their families cannot afford gifts. These moms are rarely celebrated. But they should be. Raising kids without enough money to meet their basic needs is like being an Olympic athlete deprived of oxygen. Under extreme stress, they’re doing something that’s already difficult under the best of conditions.”  Joanne Goldblum, Founder of National Diaper Bank Network Huffington Post “A Mother’s Day Wish for Moms in Poverty.”