SUMMIT, NJ - Summit Superintendent of Schools Scott Hough and Principal Donna Gallo have announced that a second Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School student has tested positive for COVID-19. The announcement, in the form of a letter from Hough and Gallo to the "Summit Public Schools Community," comes just four days after the confirmation of the first case.

The letter states, "We understand the concern of hearing about two positive cases within a few days of each other, but please be aware that we learned from the local Department of Health that this case did not become exposed to the virus while at school. A thorough investigation by the Department of Health found that no close contacts were established in the school from this case. They did not recommend closing any school buildings, classrooms, or programs. As our protocols outline, we maintain rigorous cleaning practices, and our custodial staff works diligently to clean and disinfect our school buildings on a daily basis."

Hough and Gallo went on to reiterate that the contract tracing process is conducted by the Westfield Regional Health Department ("Department of Health"), and asked that the "school community" utilize "protective measures on weekends and days off in order to maintain a safe environment at school," while specifically noting "temperature and symptom checks before sending your child to school."