CRANFORD, NJ – The second and sixth grade classes of Saint Michael School are participating in “Houses for Change”, a part of a national campaign project to benefit homeless families, through the nonprofit organization Family Promise. The goal of the project is to not only raise funds for the families, but have the children participating come away with an awareness about homelessness.

The students each received a plain brown cardboard box in the shape of a house, which they assembled and decorated. The children took the houses home, where they will keep them for a period of six months and fill them with loose change. After six months, they will bring them back to school and the money they raise will be donated to Family Promise.

Saint Michael’s church participates in The Interfaith Hospitality Network. A program offered through Family Promise, it partners faith communities to help families facing homelessness. Families receive lodging and food in the houses of worship with the aid of volunteers. Families make up 40 percent of the homeless population and one in four of those people is a child. St Michael’s church will again host families in the end of December.