Spring is here!  It’s time to share the joys of the garden.  The Garden Club of Cranford, a member of the National Garden Clubs, will present a Small Standard Flower Show on April 11, at the Cranford Community Center, 220 Walnut Avenue from 2-7pm.  The event is open to the public and free of charge.

The theme of the show is “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”  There will be two exciting divisions exhibiting fresh plant material, Horticulture and Design.   Each division is composed of related classes and will showcase individual exhibits.  Expect to be wowed by a colorful and creative presentation of horticulture in classes such as flowering branches, bulbs and container plants.  The design division will transport you to Flea Market Discoveries, Europe and the Tropics.  The show promises you a unique, educational, enjoyable and stimulating garden adventure!

For more information, please contact overbrook@comcast.net