CRANFORD - After not having one last year, the Cranford Township Committee is looking to secure a Bulk Waste Collection for the town. 

Though nothing is official yet, the Committee is looking to work with the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA). Some details released at Monday's Township Committee Workshop Meeting and Tuesday's Township Committee Official Meeting included permit prices and timeframe of the collection.

The price of a permit per household is expected to range between $115 and $120. The Committee mentioned that the collection would occur over a two-week period, but would like to arrange it to where one side of Cranford is collected one week and the other the following week to avoid garbage being curbside throughout the whole town for two weeks. It was also mentioned that the hope is the collection would be in the fall, but no concrete date has been set. 

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"It's expensive for the haulers to get rid of everything, and that's where the prices have shot up," said Mary O'Connor, Commissioner of Finance. 

"We still have to iron out a bunch of details," added O'Connor. "We're targeting this fall if everything goes smoothly. Last year when they said it wasn't going to happen, we were expecting it to happen, including myself. I'm looking at all of that stuff in my house and saying 'bye!'"